Life or Fiction is for my love of writing and sharing my creations with you.

Hi there, welcome to my little piece of escape!

I’m sure we all can relate to needing something to help us breathe and reconnect to ourselves.

Writing has become mine.

Creating something, not only writing, is such a personal journey through life. Our hobbies change with time and our projects are finished from multiple point of views. I know that I never come to a blank page with the same feelings or intent.

Life breaks you, raises you up from the ashes, cuts toxic connections, creates love and chaos all at the same time. We are left with pieces of ourselves scattered everywhere, wondering how to put them back together. “…a beautiful piece of broken pottery, put back together by (our) own hands..”

Stay awhile and share with me how beautiful it can be to unapologetically be yourself!



At the grocery storechecking outstomach droppedthe room spun”I need to go to the car.” Driver’s seatair blowing fastdripping cold sweat. Eyes begin to freeze.the world tips like a water bottle.BlinkThe weight in my stomach threatens to escapethrough the mouth that can’t breathe. He returns with a cart, loads the groceries in the back seatLike waves…

A Human’s Faith

Our dance with him never ends. We always take his hand. The music is never different. The same words, the same chants. A flicker of faith and the dance floor begins to open. New music, familiar voices. He never rushes, only teaches with our feet upon his shoes. Just like young children usually do. We don’t…


Different pieces of metal. Different designs. ••• A mosaic of memories one doesn’t exist without the other. ••• They are all a part of her. She is carrying a piece of you with her. •• Soldered to her heart. They’re tattooed in the veins. ____ A piece of jewelry? Eight.

Pluggin In

Photos fall to the ground from an old dresser some of them black and white, others bursting with color. You can touch them, pick them up, feel them and their weight. Are they heavy or light, faded, new? We ask the ones pictured in these gems now held between your fingertips. As words fall from…


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