Look at that girl
with the dark black heels,
small skinny waist,
make-up done up nice
& a dress showing off every curve…

she catches your eye
& man you want her;
but underneath is a girl
far more beautiful
….A girl beautiful, beyond belief;
no make-up just her flaws are seen,
baggy clothes that hide her
beautiful curves underneath.

She has braces on her teeth
or wears her glasses
because without her contacts
she can’t see.
Underneath her striking beauty
is the real “me”

She slouches and cusses
when she is upset.
Hates the world sometimes
& shares everything with her friends.
She falls in love
and sadly breaks her heart;
never quite teaches herself
to stand on solid ground.
She loves to fly
& never gets bored with the high;
of almost always touching the sky.

Love, pure ecstasy from the start.
When she cries her mascara smears
and at her weakest moment
the tiniest things mean the most.
She has her weaknesses,
although she would never admit it;
that at night she always thinks of him and wonders
what about her ruined it?

At this moment of pure serenity,
when the worldly things
aren’t placed upon her
she is risking it all;
allowing you to be the closest
& trust the fact that she will fall.
Capture that moment,
embrace her pride.
…the most beautiful woman
is a confident woman
& that’s when she
takes off her make-up at night.

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