Why? 🙇

Why do you paint?”

Why did you create us
with the choice of ‘love or hate’?”

“Little brother,
Why do you want to grow up,
so fast?”

Why did you teach me so much,
about so much?”

Why do you always ‘have’ to be
at or in hand? And why do you
make me feel like I’ll never have enough?”

Why do you not understand the logic
of this world?”

Why haven’t you consumed me yet?”

Why are you asking these questions,
at 4am?”

“Insomnia induced insanity,
i’ve thought it through,
we can’t break-up. I need you too much…”



38 thoughts on “Why? 🙇

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      1. Ha, and majority of my most creative ideas come late at night lol it’s good to know that I’m not alone in being a night owl.

      2. Haha interruptions suck, I can’t stand it. Once thoughts start rolling I have to write them down or they’re gone forever. It’s such a sad moment too.

      3. Well, I don’t limit myself to one genre, so I write any idea I get. I really enjoy short stories, but I also love working on my novel. I like writing things with deep conflict and drama. I love anything with strong emotion, and with my short stories I love to throw in a twist somewhere.
        What about you?

      4. I really enjoy short stories too, they usually stem from my poetry. I’m working on a number if stories, mostly homework to make my characters be a a real as possible. I adore writing about insanity, and personalities within a person. The mind is intriguing to me. Love is hard to write about, because I feel like it brings on too much cliche. Although, the more honest my writing is the easier it is to make them jump off the page. I guess I’m open to anything both new and familiar, but poetry is the easiest way for me to pitch an idea, summarize a potential story, and character sketch. lol && you’re ideas sound awesome! You’re a great writer, from what I’ve read on your blog.

      5. I’m terrible at poetry. ha I wish I was better at it. I like what I’ve read of your work as well! (-:
        Thank you for your kindness. I just try to do the best I can with words. Right now my biggest challenge is to stop second-guessing myself.

      6. I think the only reason why I flock to poetry more often than prose, is because I started with poetry and later tried fiction. We share the same big challenge, of second-guessing ourselves. When I started my blog I was extremely hesitant and worried that I wouldn’t have any followers, and yet fellow writers like you who are trying and writing too have proved me wrong. Any and all support makes believing in yourself that much easier, at least that is true for me. Also, thank you for your kind words. (:

      7. No problem! I started with stories and stayed with them.
        Being an author is all I’ve ever dreamed of being, so I’m trying to build a readership before shipping my novel to agents and editors. Talk about scary! That really makes me look at every word I write.

      8. That is one of the things that I adore about the passion that writers have for our work, it cannot be forced. Your passion either flows through your veins or they will try to write once and never write again. For some reason when the audience who reads what we write, each word seems be that much more meaningful and crucial; there are so many words though. haha

      9. Do you happen to have any tips or advice on how to attract more readers to your blog? For instance, the addition of a Twitter account or Facebook page? I already have an Instagram and constantly share my posts on Facebook, but I can always use advice from successful bloggers and popular bloggers such as yourself. (:

      10. Well, thank you for the compliment. I’m always happy to help out another writer. Twitter and Facebook accounts are generally a good idea, but they also take more energy to draw new readers first to those accounts, and then to get them to filter into your blog. So, accounts on those sites aren’t a guarantee of increased readers/followers. (I’m having a hard time getting ‘likes’ on my Facebook page.) I just looked at your blog again and, while it’s beautiful and I can tell you’ve put a lot of effort into it, I don’t see anything telling your readers about you, or asking them to follow. Anything that seems like you’re interested in the people who read your blog. That can seem like you were designing your blog for more personal reasons. So, my first suggestion would be adding an ‘about the author’ page, a side widget too, along with a follow widget, a widget for any other accounts you have, like your Instagram account, and a recent posts widget, so your page doesn’t get messy. Most of my follows, believe it or not, have come from commenting on any blog posts I like. If I find a short story I think is interesting, I ‘like’ it and leave a comment about what I liked best. The same goes for poetry, posts about books, posts on art blogs, anything I find interesting. You have to cast a wide net if you want readers. Writers (artistic people in general even) need encouragement, and we certainly don’t get it from ourselves. Some people don’t even get it from their loved ones. So, I try to fill that void a little. If I really like what I see on their blog, I follow them. (Try not to go too crazy, though. Your blog roll will get jammed.)Then the writer of that blog might wonder about what’s on my blog, and if they like it, they follow my blog. If their readers see my comments, they might check out my blog too. It’s really all about leg work (so to speak) and interesting content. You can have the best writing in the world, but if people don’t know you’re there, then how are they supposed to read it? Hope that helps!

      11. This helps a lot! Thank you so much! (: I guess I’ll have to get a little bit more personal and try to dig a little deeper into the mechanics of my blog so that I can have multiple pages and links (:

      12. Some of the formats don’t support extra pages and widgets, so you’ll have to play with it. I’m glad I could help! I try to get personal, but only in extent to what I write and who I am as a writer. Don’t want to put too many personal details out there.

      13. I’m trying to build platforms on my blog, fb, and twitter for when I start shipping my book around to publishers and editors (hopefully at the end of this year). So I know what you mean about wanting more followers.

      14. I’ll be keeping my eye out for your book. (: && yes, personal to a point of professionalism, no need for extra personal lol

      15. Hey, I hope I’m not being too forward, but if you really like my blog would you mind mentioning it to your friends, or people you think might be interested? I’d really appreciate it,

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