Only Yours

Your humor brightens my day
Your hugs warm my heart
Your advice fills my world with vision
Your words color my world

Your years, a beautiful age
is far younger than the world believes,
because being young
is a frame of mind.

Your rhymes and sing-songs
remind me that I am a child first,
because nothing is more precious than a song escaping us from this earth.

Your religion is timeless,
beginning in Faith and Grace.
Recite a hymn and your voice enlightens the air, because a generation tells stories
and you’ve been there.

Your imagination influences
the one I call my own
to color that blank page in front of me with all
that I think I know.

You taught me to bleed words as I think, to scream my opinion because that, above all
is worth something.

Only yours can make that difference, provide that Faith that I cannot see,
but most of all
all that you are
ignited that bright fire
in me.

To write
To be
All that I can
by loving, living, and being-
anything, all at once.


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