Outside a Bay Window

The world goes silent
her eyes look past what is seen.
Nothing exists;

become red musical notes
dancing around the tree
outside the bay window.

A brisk wind
carries them away,
transforming into
round, purple polka dots
on her daughter’s dress,
on her 5th birthday.

Laughter ignites
warm smiles and birthday hats.
She leans in closer to the warm window,
as if giving her daughter, Lilly a kiss.

Her face becomes a decorated cake
with blue, crystal blue, frosting
just like her eyes.

And there, right there,
Consciousness seeps back in.
Now inches away from Lilly’s face.

An Arizona sunset embraces her daughter’s form.
“Mommy, you’re not listening.”
“I’m sorry. I am now. Here, look at the sunset.”
“My favorite colors!”

Red, purple, and blue.

Processed with Moldiv

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