To my Silver-Streaked Hero

Thank you for everything you do,
the laughing and playing too.

You know all the things to say,
you even know when to be silent
or even when it’s past our stay.

Your relationship with words mesmerize me.
From promises to daily phrases
hearing them one more time isn’t enough.

“Goodnight. I love you. See you tomorrow.”

Not hearing it sometimes is tough.

In a room full of women
your beauty and smile stand out
like a fine jewel.

Your independence surmounts any man’s.
There is nothing you can’t do,

My Silver-Streaked Hero, you!

Throughout the years I’ve needed guidance.
Your heroic light never fades.

You may be a whisper,
a nightly prayer,
or even a laugh or a smile
when the worst is right there.

Even amongst the days in which
darkness seems to hide,
my worries are at ease,
and the stars decorate the sky

I find you in the breeze,
the bright tulips in the store.

You’re everywhere mommy.

What more could I ask for?

Underneath this “womanly” fixture
your little girl still shines through.

I’ll always need you mommy,
nothing ever can compare to you.

Thank you for the things you say,
the poetic wisdom you preach,
that sun-ray of a smile,
and bringing life to me.

I’m the proudest daughter in the world,
because I have a mommy like you!

I love you.

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