A Life full of seasons, the same four

Seasons come and go.

The familiarity is what we anticipate.

A winter breeze

causes a snowflake to land 

between her jacket and her warm neck

as another one lands on her tongue

the feelings are different,

they both melt,

but one stings.

She hears a, ” Shh! She’ll hear us!” 

behind her grandpa’s truck.

She grabs a handful of snow 

and forms a ball,

as soon as the white powdered globe escapes her fingers and begins to travel

in the direction of her line of sight

it begins to crumble.

Clear water spreads around her brother’s head. 

“Heard ya!”

The snow melts…

A spring breeze 

causing a cold, brief collision

between baby feet and the tiled, kitchen floor

as a mommy plays Tickle Monster 

while her fingers contort into needles,

laughter acupuncture. 

She can’t help but smile

and wonder

what she was like at her daughter’s age.

The innocence and pure joy

all wrapped up in one moment 

pulls at her heart strings,

the feeling is different 

it’s fleeting happiness.

One moment it’s here and the next it’s gone.

The sun becomes hotter…

A summer breeze 

causing a rigid, small canvass

of hills and valleys on her shoulder

as her voice sings melodious laughter

while she runs across the beach

searching for that beach ball.

“Hey, Bells!”

“Hi? Do I know you?”

“You don’t remember me?”

“I’m the one who use to throw pieces of paper at you during English class. You hated it!”

“Oh, yeah! Hey Chris.

What are you doing here?”

“Just spending summer break with the guys.

We’re having a bonfire tonight if you want to stop by.”

“Yeah, I’ll bring my friends.”

A summer romance begins….

A fall breeze 

causes tears to change their path

on her mom’s cheek.

Chris popped the question.

On that same beach.

That same spot 

that she didn’t remember him.

Just to start the seasons over together.

Daughter & fiancé

Mother & father

Two pairs of partners.

Four seasons. 

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