At the End

At the end of a rainbow, watching the clouds roll away and the slight rise of wet dirt drift into my nostrils. I can breathe and understand the importance of the storm.

I smile, because God has blessed me with the ability to start over in a new light, with a new perspective, a new attribute, and a better understanding of how important empathy is, because you truly never know what is going on in someone else’s life. 

He also taught me the importance of family, having a voice for yourself, and the ability to being willing to stand alone even if everyone else isn’t on your side.

He has allowed me to grow in ways that I didn’t think I could. 

I’m a better person for it.

If I could talk to myself 3 years ago,

I would’ve told my self that it’s scary,

you will be angry, you’ll want to cry,

you’ll be confused, depressed, uncertain, 

anxious and defeated.

You’ll have good and bad days.

You’ll learn about the dark side of medicine.

 You’ll be judged by many, but don’t get mad, they don’t know. It’s simply that, they just don’t know.

Your memory will fade, but you will be the same. Words just won’t come as fast.

You’ll have a lion in your heart that doesn’t take anything for granted or lightly. 

You’ll learn that your once fragile self held the person you were supposed to come, a woman with a voice, a purpose, and fight.

You’ll pray for your independence, but you will be dependent on others, it’s all ok though.

We were meant to be surrounded by community. We weren’t made to be alone. 

Your ties with family will become stronger than they ever were & you will be certain that unconditional love comes from family and the friends that understand.


Epilepsy, I’m ready for this dance in life, we once were enemies and now we are sidekicks. We understand each other and we will never part. You are a piece of me, but I am still who I’ve always been. 

– The girl that thought she would never make it

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