Black & White Photo Series Volume II

I wonder what telegrams, conversations, and power these brought that connected so many. I can still see the electricity they’re sharing. 💡

In a small little town where the leaves change from green to red, yellow, and brown there sits a church that carries generations of dreams, the soft songs of people who worshipped, the triumphs, sorrows and tears, they all happened here. Much like the trees, the colors may change but the roots still grow from the truck that decided to stayed through it all.🌱🌿🌲🍃🍂🍁

As the trees reach for the clouds we can only capture how high they’ve gotten and try to mimic how to do the same. We’ll reach those clouds, unable to share what’s above them. Not space, not stars, but that one place that is wayy to far. The place we won’t be able to come back from. Where our heart is calm and our sorrows are forgotten. May the clouds paint the sky always and remind us to fly. 🕊

Let your light cut the sky, your voice spread through the trees, and your presence shake the pavement all the way to the empty fields softening the dense dirt and engraving your purpose. The wind may brush your words away and your light may fade, but in that one sincere moment you let everything show unapologetically. Simply letting the world know you’re more than a silent whisper and every secret can be uncovered ✨

The smallest details separate us. This piece of lace pictured here decorated every table for my guests to sit on my wedding day. There are many pieces of lace in the world, but none like the ones that accented my decor and made my guests glee, meeting me for the first time through creativity. 🌻

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