A Moment in Sync with Time

The two rocking chairs

became a metronome

as they pushed forward

and back on a wide, white, wooden porch.

A mother and daughter

watching the sunset,

drinking cold, crisp ice tea.

Memories seem to resurface

as the common day is discussed.

The mother

shares stories

of when her daughter was young.

“Do you remember

when we use to

go on adventures together out here?

We’d play pretend all afternoon.

We fought and conquered the world.

Dressing up as pirates, queens, and knights!

You’d soar up into the sky

as I pushed you on that swing right there.

You always wanted to go higher and higher!

You were so fearless.” her mother said.

“I wasn’t always fearless,

remember when I was scared of the thunder?

Its loud roaring scared me,

rattling the windows and shaking the walls.

I’d run to your room and get into bed with you.

It didn’t matter how late it was

you would whisper in my ear

a quiet song…

I can’t remember what it was.

But, you sang that song until we both fell asleep.

I’ll never forget that.”

said the daughter.

The mother began to sing…

“The storm is rough, but our hearts beat slow.

I’ll always be here to hold you close.

Close your tired eyes

and dream of bright blueskies….”

The daughter joined in….

“Softly drift into a dream, where there I’ll always be.”

7 thoughts on “A Moment in Sync with Time

Add yours

    1. You saying that means the world to me! ❤️ I wish I could do that & get it published 🤞🏼 I can write you all of my work and give it to you for Christmas though 💕

      1. Do you want all of the poems from the blog?? ❤️ Thank you SO much! That means the world to me that YOU love my work 😍 Your opinion means a lot to me

  1. Yay! I can definitely do that for you!! ❤️ It really does warm my heart to know that someone likes my writing. I need to be more diligent about posting though 😓

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