What’s your story?

From a very young age I’ve always loved to learn. Anything that had to do with homework, reading, writing especially, I would always look forward to. By the time I could talk my mom and Grandma immediately started teaching me letters in the alphabet, sight words, tracing, and teaching me how to read. I’ve been told that sometimes I would sit at my little desk and write, of course they were scribbles, but I loved to write. (I didn’t even know I wanted to be a writer, but in a way I guess I always knew.) 📝

Learning was and still is a joy for me. After all, there is always something new to learn. The combination of both family & education is the strongest combination any person could ever ask for for a child. 🤞🏼

Throughout my years as a student each teacher revealed, inspired, asked, and pushed a part of myself to the surface. I not only learned the curriculum, but I also got to know myself a little bit better along the way. 💛

In fourth grade I found the books that brought my imagination to life. My freshman year of high school I was taught a language that I would fall in love with, sign language. My sophomore year of high school I rebuilt my confidence when I had changed schools and my English teacher introduced me to students that would take me under their wings. My last two years of high school were full of numerous teachers and staff members that participated in homecoming shenanigans (even if it made them look silly), were honest about life after graduation, held us accountable for all of our decisions, pushed us to be our best, and that life isn’t worth living if there isn’t any fun.

My college years weren’t any different. I learned about the world, what a woman can be, changed my major, immersed myself in writing, and realized my abilities and the influence I can have on this world. Those one-on-one meetings, the grueling honesty of grades, the first job on campus when you had zero experience, the pat on the back and that feeling when a college professor who teaches tons of students notices that YOU improved. 👩🏻‍🎓

All of this was ignited by a teacher who cared, who was passionate, honest, loving, willing to look silly, and most of all they put themselves in their students’ shoes. For me, that makes all the difference in the world. 🌎✨

What’s your story??

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