Time Travel

Give me a star lit
summer night
in the back of a 4×4
pick up truck.
A light blanket,
country music
an a loose piece of paper.

Take me to a beach
where the waves crash at my feet.
Two worlds collide
in their counteractive beauty.
A couple towels,
bathing suits under clothing.
Let the sunrise whisper its entrance and ask questions.
Last night did we really mean it?

Give me Paris.
The Eiffel Tower
reaches for the sky,
her point puncturing the universe,
only touching one star.

Let me be a dandelion amongst sunflowers,
and learn from a new culture,
away from the shared and rehearsed.
Let me be different.

Give me a space rocket
and take me into the realms of the unknown.
Land upon Jupiter,
its contours shaping a world
I somehow feel accustomed to.

Take me to your roof top on a rainy day.
Defying the act of gravity
and let the world just
drip, drip, away.

Is this the moment?

Let me take the form of your voice.
I’ll play melodies with your words.
Simple keys on a piano play exactly what I want to hear.

Like a needle, I’ll thread the memories.

But, here I sit
in a one bedroom apartment
surrounded by white walls.

They scream for color, but I can’t just pick one.

On a desk of oak I scratch my fantasies
and unrealistic remedies.

The ashes of pencil lead
beneath this page plot my journey,
my decay.

While this paper plans my escape.

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