Don’t tell me to Smile


“A encapsulated maze filled with memories, words, the powerhouse to functioning. Pain cuts through memories and words become mush. You can’t see it, but I can feel it. Sometimes its so hard to speak.”

Trade me.

“An analysis explains all that my body has been trying to tell me. Only now I wish I didn’t know, because now it is all that I can see.”

Trade me.

“Abruptly home became a sterilized and white room. An uncomfortable silence pierces through the cuts trying to heal. The colors outside seem brighter & somehow feeling vulnerable is scarier than the operation.”

Trade me.

“You see my smile and confidence. All the while I am one doubt away from breaking.”

Trade me.

“Was I even good enough? He has her and I have nothing. Its not fair. Nothing is.”

Trade me.

“My parents wouldn’t want me to, but if I don’t they’ll make fun of me. What do I do?”

Trade me.

“I love both of them. What am I doing? Do I tell her? I’ll lose her.”

Trade me.

“Why would He take my brother away?… Trials make you stronger, He has a plan… blah, blah, blah! I don’t care. I just want to scream. I want him back!”

Trade me.

“Her body aches and she is running herself dry. I can’t do anything! She deserves the world and I can’t give it to her.”

Trade me.

I miss our laughter. I miss our friendship. You changed & I don’t recognize you anymore.”

Trade me.

We’re all still trading..

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