Pluggin In

Photos fall to the ground from an old dresser

some of them black and white, others bursting with color.

You can touch them, pick them up, feel them and their weight.

Are they heavy or light, faded, new?

We ask the ones pictured in these gems

now held between your fingertips.

As words fall from their lips

shades of black and white

begin to move and become a story,

detailed and full of life.


behind expressions arise.


this moment came to be is described.


in their life they stood.


the surroundings hugged the moment.


this point in time was important enough to be captured and still forever,

where words just couldn’t do it justice.

Connected we find captions, highlights, products and results.

Proof that we are succeeding, growing, happy, maybe even sad.

Who knows the story though?

You. Them. They. Us.

The weight is gone and the edits dim the memories

important enough to be captured and still forever.

Hallow, and empty.

The story isn’t.

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