A Human’s Faith

Our dance with him never ends                     We always take his hand.                                   The music is never different.                           The same words, the same chants.

A flicker of faith                                                   and the dance floor begins to open.               New music, familiar voices.

He never rushes,                                                 only teaches with our feet upon his shoes. Just like young children usually do.           We don’t know the steps.                                   or what will happen at the end,                     but we hope we will continue to follow him.

When others want a chance to dance             we get lost finding a chair,                         sitting, watching to see if it’s true.                 He is sadly left behind                               waiting for us to wander back.

He is never too far,                                         always persistent.

We recite his words.                                         say our prayers                                                       in an instant he is right there.

The loneliness, headache and failures       begin to fade.                                                       He forgives                                                               and slows us to forgetting.                           how much he means it.

We love and learn and try to never look back.

How can this world be the way it is                 with a magnificent, beautiful greater being?

My feet are still planted upon his feet,         I’m a child still learning                                 from my shepherd’s speech.                             I follow his actions                                               try to make him proud,                                       and thank him for every breath I take. 

His love is everlasting.                                       He is all knowing.

Thank you for loving me.                   Although there are times                                     I think you don’t.                                                   The challenges don’t make sense.                   and what is lost never seems worth it.

My journey is my own.                                     Keep teaching me how to dance!                 Don’t ever truly let me go. 


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