Jumping Lilly Pads

I'm jumping from lane to lane barely being missed by the oncoming car. A swoosh, a breeze and I realize that's the passenger seat  I was supposed to be in. Roller coaster rides through memories through anxieties through running thoughts... landing only to jump again.

Grandma & Grandpa’s House

I've been many people here. I've been wise,  I've been fearless, I've been stupid, I've been aimlessly in love, and I've been naive. This is home, where I get to be. All of who I once was, am, and can be. From the ceiling to the floor, pictures. I realize I'm taller.  I realize the... Continue Reading →

Am I replanting the wrong seed? 

I'm wallowing in the ashes of a person I once knew.  She was smiley and cheery,  dedicated to her muse. I've cried, trying to cause a rebirth of her existence. To find something familiar, unstoppable, like a weed. I'm scared to cross over to the new, flourishing grass. To realize that this ashen state only... Continue Reading →


Don't let the moment pass... Let your heart beat.  Let your lungs fill with air and taste every spec of dirt you have lifted.  Dance in the rain.  Let the drop fill the soil and build a forest full of strong trees. Color the dark with shapes.  Battle your monsters, let shadows dance their dance,... Continue Reading →

What do you see? 

When you look at me you do not see my heritage. Not until you read my last name. I exist in that in-between where nothing specifically identifies me, racially. I'm a mixed breed.  I represent both, in each of their worlds.  I'm a woman. I have epilepsy. I'm a writer. I have anxiety. I'm half... Continue Reading →

This is All you

A silent song. Lyrics accompanied by a sweet melody. Pieces of art, beautiful, both separate and together A family this must be.  Sweet rain drops on the window pane. Wet streaks running down a slender cheek. Pain, anger thoughts. A fear this must be.  A smile. Wrinkled lines caress the eyes, forehead, and lips. Laughter... Continue Reading →

The Past, Present, and Future Freedom

Four years ago I celebrated the 4th of July with a morning hike with my sister & best friend, Lindsay Austin and her amazing family too! ❤️ Reaching the top of that mountain and understanding the reward of the view, the knowledge that I had achieved something, and the comfort of knowing my path down... Continue Reading →

Lilly’s Whisper 

Embrace the shadow that follows behind, and the ones inside.  If I told you my life story  starting from then to now, would you understand my ways?  Why I fell in love with her? The first ambitious reach to feel loved.  She was always there, my inner self, willing to speak, protect, and be. This... Continue Reading →

How much of me should I share? 

I'm silenced by my own suspicions. The idea that I'm the only one,   the only person to have experienced... The turmoil of a broken home. The bravery of telling their story. The bruises revealed underneath make-up. The risk of unfolding a lie. The uncertainty behind each word. The fear of being told, "That's not... Continue Reading →

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