A great actor & a beautiful soul

You taught me that fictional characters are living. In the rivets of our imagination, In the fears that consume us, In the identity we claim daily, and the construction of a story we reflect our own perceptions, the fictional characters are us. But the ability to embrace all of their flaws to take ownership in... Continue Reading →

Instagram πŸ’»

Hey followers! I also have an Instagram if you'd like to follow that as well. I'm @lifeorfiction. Like & Follow Please. Also, thank you for following my blog and any and all comments. I only plan to grow. - Life of Fiction?

A Best Friend πŸ‘―

Different moments, different people. All so beautiful, all so simple. My other half to whoever I was. We laughed, smiled, and hoped. Notice the past, don't let it define you. You are who you were in order to be who you are now. Kids we were, grown ups now. Watching life pass by each other.... Continue Reading →

Why are you Blushing? Please tell me.

Red plump cheeks... from a gentle kiss upon your cheek, the crazy chance of life & that feeling that you're exactly where you're supposed to be... even the embarrassment of being purely human. so many meanings behind flushed red cheeks, but I feel at peace the most when the sunset blushes with me...

React πŸ’¬

Smile, laugh, wink at the moments that pass you in sync. Cry, miss, love the ones you swear you would never let go. Sing, worship, praise the One who gave you another day to live. Question, rebel, confess the wrongs that turn your words into actions. Feel the impact of an emotion. Flourish and thrive... Continue Reading →

Questions πŸ“’

Is it a special ring? Are you getting married? Who's the special someone? Is he everything you dreamed of? "Oh, how cute!" "Thanks, I love it!" How long have you been dating? When did you know you loved him? Were you friends first or did you guys just immediately start dating? "We've known each other... Continue Reading →

My Life Long Dream

To write is to love Insanity is contagious Life is a damaged piece of art & I'm just trying to name it. Which personality colors the white screen today? What characters are me or me from a far off place? Always adopting a new name, a new face. Still coherent I hitch a ride on... Continue Reading →

When the World Stands Still Remember

Those Timeless Moments πŸ’Ÿ Kiss me goodbye as I watch the beauty of your green watery eyes... Emotions tangible to the touch fingers meet tears I wipe them off your cheek glimmering... One more embrace a squeeze of arms mine around your neck yours around my waist. My head rests upon your shoulder breathing goose... Continue Reading →

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