Make Love to a Horror Story πŸ’€

Her heart pounds like hammers beating against a pillow underneath the white cotton sheets hanging over their heads. Creating a tent on top of a flat sleeping bag. Different new imagined fantasy, her crush's scary camp story. "I'm scared." she whispers. As he continues his story... "The door begins to creek footsteps come closer and... Continue Reading →

As Free as a Bird πŸŒΏ

Outside the window perched on the simplest branch a brown-red chested bird takes it's moment in my world. Its head goes left then to the right. In wonder I sit and watch in awe. Wondering, what are your worries, thoughts and guides? To live so freely, and in some ways their freedom is denied. Fly... Continue Reading →

Hang there….🌚

simply still. Follow me, moon to star wherever you are... Moon light, star bright, what a wish I have for you tonight. Keep him safe, kiss his lips, hold him tight in your warm embrace, remind him of our love tonight. Cover him with your star dust; dreams filled with our love our lust. Let... Continue Reading →

It’s More Than an Excuse,

More Than a Ring. πŸ’πŸ’• I've been used, conquered, broken, and low. Stuck in a trivial position in which tomorrow was unknown. So many he's that said, "It isn't me." Then I met you, cowboy. On my left hand wrapped around my ring finger comfortably sits a diamond ring with purity etched in the band... Continue Reading →

The Moment When….

Your work is finally published πŸ˜ƒ Poetry Marooned Undergraduate Creative Review Pg. 19, "Crazy Curls & Tattoos" by me! Haha 😊 If you ever are in Arizona, on the Arizona State University, Tempe campus check out Marooned!

A Body Never Forgets a….

Connection ❀ Capture a kiss Their warm embrace. Map the landscape Two bodies create. I could count your freckles, Could you mark the spots That make me squirm My hair stand up From goosebumps. A touch So innocent, natural, and warm; Ankle to ankle, arm under yours. I'll lay here forever Heartbeat to heartbeat Lull... Continue Reading →


I'll meet you in our dreams To sleep to dream, to dream a sweet sleep. Distance is nonexistent; after all my eyes are closed. Imagination plays, colors, & creates. To be with you my heart skips; we'll meet at our favorite place, you know where that is. Your heart's & mind's desires comes true in... Continue Reading →

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