That Moment Now, Remembered Then

He is what? To me, a lot of things. When did you know? I couldn't tell you, it's just so. Tell me the story. From across the room of a New Years party, 2012, our eyes met. He dodged past shoulders and shared soft-hearted grins while passing. Face-to-face now he told a joke I laughed... Continue Reading →

A Best Friend πŸ‘―

Different moments, different people. All so beautiful, all so simple. My other half to whoever I was. We laughed, smiled, and hoped. Notice the past, don't let it define you. You are who you were in order to be who you are now. Kids we were, grown ups now. Watching life pass by each other.... Continue Reading →

An Exercise High

for the Creative Mind πŸ’­ Breathes deep and slow. Inner peace with complete silence. Thoughts turn into mush, pulsating through ligaments and joints. Sweat as reward, aching muscles with every move. The inner beauty of being in the moment. Stretching everything past its limits. Stress escapes through my pores. An escape for the moment from... Continue Reading →

Moments πŸ“·

He said hi to her while passing by on a bike. She walked to her car, breathless and tired. He stayed up all night to talk to her. She claims she "never" knew just what to say. He smiled and laughed at her jokes, that weren't funny. Her quirky personality "never" once noticed she "never"... Continue Reading →

Questions πŸ“’

Is it a special ring? Are you getting married? Who's the special someone? Is he everything you dreamed of? "Oh, how cute!" "Thanks, I love it!" How long have you been dating? When did you know you loved him? Were you friends first or did you guys just immediately start dating? "We've known each other... Continue Reading →

Name My Skeleton πŸ’€

A restless imagination thoughts are quickened and my restless heart beats fast. Muscles tense and my body aches lulling over what my mind is trying to grasp. Time is endless in more ways than one. I'm stuck at a stagnate point and I don't know which way the character should run. Let dreams fill my... Continue Reading →

Make Love to a Horror Story πŸ’€

Her heart pounds like hammers beating against a pillow underneath the white cotton sheets hanging over their heads. Creating a tent on top of a flat sleeping bag. Different new imagined fantasy, her crush's scary camp story. "I'm scared." she whispers. As he continues his story... "The door begins to creek footsteps come closer and... Continue Reading →

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