As Free as a Bird 🌿

Outside the window perched on the simplest branch a brown-red chested bird takes it's moment in my world. Its head goes left then to the right. In wonder I sit and watch in awe. Wondering, what are your worries, thoughts and guides? To live so freely, and in some ways their freedom is denied. Fly... Continue Reading →

The Time Between Night and Morning

Midnight 💙 > The sea of beryl, amethyst, and burgundysuspends the moon tonight.Distracting the hazy eyes thatpeek over hillsides,marking the battlefront, watching us barely noticing. While little performances scream for an audienceeach shooting star exclaiming watch me!One in a million stars are freed,Free to dance, perform: their last.This rainbow of purple- blueattached to a shape;white,... Continue Reading →

Create a Breath, and Breathe

Create a Breath, and Breathe A cloud never fits in a cookie cut out Something is always missing Lost and scattered To be noticed By other eyes Similarly we're all different shapes With strengths and weaknesses Beauty, I'm different forms. Although, our influence Both as a whole human kind As an individual Creativity pulses through... Continue Reading →


Look Where does the sky and earth meet? Are stars forgotten worlds? Do clouds represent sped journeys? Can gusts of wind kiss each other in different directions? Why does every breath taste different? Some short, others long. Are our lips meant to be open or closed? Silent or shared with others? Kiss Wonder Explore Learn.... Continue Reading →

Excite my Senses

Rain, wash away the stress of tomorrow, enhance the timelessness of today. As the wind quickens bring back all that once was and hope for what will be. The cool breath of water tightens my skin, innocent to a gentle startling touch. Goosebumps rising. Rain, please never stop ❤

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