Color to Light, Light to Color

Mother Earth's Painting πŸ’›πŸ’­ She colors the clouds with ambition seeks the beauty in the distance knows her surroundings like the back of her hands; every rise and fall bone, marrow, and blood; all different purposes. Rays from above warm the flesh; yellow to pink, to orange and red. Color drains from the light like... Continue Reading →

The Moment When….

Your work is finally published πŸ˜ƒ Poetry Marooned Undergraduate Creative Review Pg. 19, "Crazy Curls & Tattoos" by me! Haha 😊 If you ever are in Arizona, on the Arizona State University, Tempe campus check out Marooned!

A Body Never Forgets a….

Connection ❀ Capture a kiss Their warm embrace. Map the landscape Two bodies create. I could count your freckles, Could you mark the spots That make me squirm My hair stand up From goosebumps. A touch So innocent, natural, and warm; Ankle to ankle, arm under yours. I'll lay here forever Heartbeat to heartbeat Lull... Continue Reading →


Eyelids transport me to the stars Land on the moon, wherever you are. I'll watch the constellations come and go; no gravity, just weighted dreams exhausted by me.

Adjectives 🎨

Color me softly swiftly gently with your tender fingertips... Highlight spots curves niches with your sweet words.... Imagine us close timeless exquisite with just unknowingly being.... To be is to want; describe it to me. (Only one photo is my own, all the rest is from pinterest )

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