Don't let the moment pass... Let your heart beat.  Let your lungs fill with air and taste every spec of dirt you have lifted.  Dance in the rain.  Let the drop fill the soil and build a forest full of strong trees. Color the dark with shapes.  Battle your monsters, let shadows dance their dance,... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching 

Everybody is always so caught up in the beauty that we decorate ourselves with. The colors, the myths, the words, the personal defeats.  What about the eyes? They're the last thing we see. A person's soul, captivates me.   

Silent 🍂

Broken Reoccurrence Time has passed all has changed. If things were the way they once were I'd be anticipating a break, a malfunction in the perfection of something complete. Brokenness ruins what once was. Scars my skin, dates my existence; as proof that I can heal. Permanent in every form of the word. Tattoos? Mine... Continue Reading →

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