An Assertive Whisper

You’re too nice. Speak up. Be more confident. Don’t cry. Be strong.You worry too much. Stop thinking like that. Don’t wear that.You’re too friendly. Stop being passive. You shouldn’t think like that.That isn’t always the case. Are you sure? Could you have possibly misinterpreted that? Try to remember. Don’t lie. Are you being honest? I... Continue Reading →

Anywhere, but Here

Carry me away today, far away, to a place where i can find myself again. A place in which the world is quiet and the ones I love are close. A place that carries and offers no worries, doesn't question my worth, and limits do not exist. The aches and pains of stress settle, the... Continue Reading →

That Moment Now, Remembered Then

He is what? To me, a lot of things. When did you know? I couldn't tell you, it's just so. Tell me the story. From across the room of a New Years party, 2012, our eyes met. He dodged past shoulders and shared soft-hearted grins while passing. Face-to-face now he told a joke I laughed... Continue Reading →

Why are you Blushing? Please tell me.

Red plump cheeks... from a gentle kiss upon your cheek, the crazy chance of life & that feeling that you're exactly where you're supposed to be... even the embarrassment of being purely human. so many meanings behind flushed red cheeks, but I feel at peace the most when the sunset blushes with me...

A Writer Loves You

Simply Because They Do 💚 If you ever fall in love with a writer don't ask them why they love you it will take them years to find the perfect words to describe their wonder, their fascination with you. Writers bleed words but only the most precious drops bleed emotions.

Red Flames Turn to Blue

When Anger Fuels You.... Can you feel that ball of rage that inner fire, that threatens to reach the sky? The scream nerves itching muscles pounding lungs expand with light puffs of dense, stale air. Silence raging. How can anger be so debilitating? Words like needles; cut into me. Sparkle like the stars. Color my... Continue Reading →

Adjectives 🎨

Color me softly swiftly gently with your tender fingertips... Highlight spots curves niches with your sweet words.... Imagine us close timeless exquisite with just unknowingly being.... To be is to want; describe it to me. (Only one photo is my own, all the rest is from pinterest )

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