Anxiety & Epilepsy

I'm a girl with a demon on her shoulder and two shadows. The one leading tries to emulate me.It makes a perfect, circular, trip daily with the sun. Beginning and ending with its rise and fall. This one has only grown in size over the years.  The one following is a morphing shape, willing to... Continue Reading →

2 Weeks

I have the words. This book holds my notes. My body and mind hold the scares. And you,  dear doctor, I hope, will bring me answers. 

Another Book on the Shelf

I'm new to letting the world understand me.  Knowing who I am, my real self, is a privilege.  Many aren't given the chance. I'd rather be a scattered puzzle, than another pretty face. Porcelain always seemed too fragile. Solid and heavy, from my words to my eyes, made an impression nobody forgets. I'd rather pierce... Continue Reading →

Lilly’s Whisper 

Embrace the shadow that follows behind, and the ones inside.  If I told you my life story  starting from then to now, would you understand my ways?  Why I fell in love with her? The first ambitious reach to feel loved.  She was always there, my inner self, willing to speak, protect, and be. This... Continue Reading →

Can you see me? 

Silent,  unbeknownst to all who do not suffer. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and undeniably real. The sight we take for granted  can be gone in an instant. Glaucoma. How did you find me?  My mom, seriously?  Please let her see me grow old, my grandchildren, my wedding day too; sight provides memories. She should have... Continue Reading →

My Epilepsy Asks,

Can you find me? My temples pulsate, sounds povel my ear drums deeper into my scull, rays of light stab into my eyes, and moments meant to be new feel familiar.   Invisible. Psychologically disengaging. Explain it? It's always changing.  Day by day one common goal start the conversation  be the seed that can grow. ... Continue Reading →

Land or Sea

Much like a turtle carrying something heavy,  moving expertly slow, taking in everything details, and all. I've never seen my legs, my shell, or tail just my arms, scaly and such.  Yet all of my limbs swim freely, positioned percisely, to take me wherever I want to go.  Why does this shell change in weight?... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching 

Everybody is always so caught up in the beauty that we decorate ourselves with. The colors, the myths, the words, the personal defeats.  What about the eyes? They're the last thing we see. A person's soul, captivates me.   

Paint the Room Still with your Legacy

The words aren't forced her expressions are raw a natural need to fill the silence.  The silence of a blank space  a sincerity so, utterly unrest-less. The additives slip away with the passing seasons. Dreams of colliding colors, dusty books, words. Frozen in time, attached to the sentiment of "now". Nothing, soon stops. Something, always... Continue Reading →

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