To write is to love. Insanity is contagious. Life is a damaged piece of art & I'm just trying to name it.

[ uhn-kuhn-dish-uh-nl-ie]

Unconditionally A glimpse of my reflection pokes in at the corner of the rear view mirror. Who is she? Really. Moody, violent, Passionate, outspoken, Honest, and impulsive he loves what just gazed back at me? Why? How could he? The flaws, the inconsistencies. Scars cover me black and blue. He isn't planning my demise, he's... Continue Reading →

An Exercise High

for the Creative Mind πŸ’­ Breathes deep and slow. Inner peace with complete silence. Thoughts turn into mush, pulsating through ligaments and joints. Sweat as reward, aching muscles with every move. The inner beauty of being in the moment. Stretching everything past its limits. Stress escapes through my pores. An escape for the moment from... Continue Reading →

If I could…

With all the art permanency, ink, colors the alternative me would use them all. The world wouldn't be able to tell me who what why how I am me. Change would add images to my skin black and white colored all over again. My story could be read from neck to ankle. I'd ask you... Continue Reading →

Name My Skeleton πŸ’€

A restless imagination thoughts are quickened and my restless heart beats fast. Muscles tense and my body aches lulling over what my mind is trying to grasp. Time is endless in more ways than one. I'm stuck at a stagnate point and I don't know which way the character should run. Let dreams fill my... Continue Reading →

Define πŸ“Ž

Color me simple, color me pure, suppose the part in the world that I hold. Think of me pretty. Or don't. Words are contingents, do we fit? Tell me how, why, and when. Categorized with more intersections than one. Separate who I am who I once was; what definition or word is that? Humanity.

It’s All About the Who When….

Life Moves πŸ‘£ Create the dazzlement of past years, past moments: tears, laughs, excitement. Tainted by time they've sadly passed by. Turmoil brusis our muscles. Although, the brain has the power to forget... a touch, connection, lie; they never feel the same twice. He has proved the amount of trust that emanates from a finger... Continue Reading →

Color to Light, Light to Color

Mother Earth's Painting πŸ’›πŸ’­ She colors the clouds with ambition seeks the beauty in the distance knows her surroundings like the back of her hands; every rise and fall bone, marrow, and blood; all different purposes. Rays from above warm the flesh; yellow to pink, to orange and red. Color drains from the light like... Continue Reading →

You & Me πŸ’•

You & Me Best friends Love and fight Play and learn You're my journal Write me your words "I love you" Will you love me forever? "I don't have a diamond ring for you." My grandma has some black thread. Her ring finger and then his; unbreakable thread I'm yours forever

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