Anywhere, but Here

Carry me away today, far away, to a place where i can find myself again. A place in which the world is quiet and the ones I love are close. A place that carries and offers no worries, doesn't question my worth, and limits do not exist. The aches and pains of stress settle, the... Continue Reading →

Growth Never Dies

Looking back through my writing and the emotions hidden behind the words they still are as freshly felt as the time I wrote them. The tears soaked in the pours of my clammy hands, the exquisite force I pressed with pencil to paper in anger and the light familiar nature of the beautiful words love... Continue Reading →

Create a Breath, and Breathe

Create a Breath, and Breathe A cloud never fits in a cookie cut out Something is always missing Lost and scattered To be noticed By other eyes Similarly we're all different shapes With strengths and weaknesses Beauty, I'm different forms. Although, our influence Both as a whole human kind As an individual Creativity pulses through... Continue Reading →

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Break the silence. End the violence.

Luke Atkins

Film, Music, and Television Critic