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Hey followers! I also have an Instagram if you'd like to follow that as well. I'm @lifeorfiction. Like & Follow Please. Also, thank you for following my blog and any and all comments. I only plan to grow. - Life of Fiction?

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Color me softly swiftly gently with your tender fingertips... Highlight spots curves niches with your sweet words.... Imagine us close timeless exquisite with just unknowingly being.... To be is to want; describe it to me. (Only one photo is my own, all the rest is from pinterest )

A Recipe

A Recipe Prep Time: every relationship, every friendship, every moment in life; so however long it takes. Ingredients: One tablespoon of tenderness 2 cups of patience (it runs out quickly) Old memories grounded into powder A pinch of insecurity A rare amount of confidence 2 friendships that last 1 friendship that falls apart Half of... Continue Reading →

The Alternate Me It's the voice inside my head that speaks its own mind. Saying all that I can't without any consequence. Quietly it whispers fears Screams agonies Sings memories Risks others learning her name. The crazy curls & tattoos etched inside of me scars, wear them proudly and, silently.

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