A Destination Within a Destination 

I have many homes. Each one is beautiful  in its unsteadiness, its story, its existence, the memories, its smell, the small, silent whispers the people, its shelter, the walls that saw it all, and most importantly, they are all mine. -- The girl who traveled through unfamiliar doors. Only to realize they all began with... Continue Reading →

Silence the Thunder with Rain

"You're not real, but I am." To know the difference is freedom.  To realize your scream is presence. To understand your words is expression. To hold on when you want to let go is strength. A thought is only a thought until you let it grow. Don't let its roots cause the grass to fade,... Continue Reading →


From head to toe personified words, stories shown in still pictures. Highlighted reels  of over-played moments I treasure most. Black and white trying not  to fade. Behind my ear a flower would grow. My neck and chest untouched, my heart plays rhythmic melodies. Being alive is art on its own. My back would extend wings,... Continue Reading →

Jumping Lilly Pads

I'm jumping from lane to lane barely being missed by the oncoming car. A swoosh, a breeze and I realize that's the passenger seat  I was supposed to be in. Roller coaster rides through memories through anxieties through running thoughts... landing only to jump again.

What do you see? 

When you look at me you do not see my heritage. Not until you read my last name. I exist in that in-between where nothing specifically identifies me, racially. I'm a mixed breed.  I represent both, in each of their worlds.  I'm a woman. I have epilepsy. I'm a writer. I have anxiety. I'm half... Continue Reading →

This is All you

A silent song. Lyrics accompanied by a sweet melody. Pieces of art, beautiful, both separate and together A family this must be.  Sweet rain drops on the window pane. Wet streaks running down a slender cheek. Pain, anger thoughts. A fear this must be.  A smile. Wrinkled lines caress the eyes, forehead, and lips. Laughter... Continue Reading →

Can you see me? 

Silent,  unbeknownst to all who do not suffer. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and undeniably real. The sight we take for granted  can be gone in an instant. Glaucoma. How did you find me?  My mom, seriously?  Please let her see me grow old, my grandchildren, my wedding day too; sight provides memories. She should have... Continue Reading →

To my Silver-Streaked Hero

Thank you for everything you do, the laughing and playing too. You know all the things to say, you even know when to be silent or even when it's past our stay. Your relationship with words mesmerize me. From promises to daily phrases hearing them one more time isn't enough. "Goodnight. I love you. See... Continue Reading →

My Epilepsy Asks,

Can you find me? My temples pulsate, sounds povel my ear drums deeper into my scull, rays of light stab into my eyes, and moments meant to be new feel familiar.   Invisible. Psychologically disengaging. Explain it? It's always changing.  Day by day one common goal start the conversation  be the seed that can grow. ... Continue Reading →

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