2 Weeks

I have the words. This book holds my notes. My body and mind hold the scares. And you,  dear doctor, I hope, will bring me answers. 


Young their pinkies intertwined while sitting atop the monkey-bars. The heartbeat beneath his chest humming underneath a blanket in the back of his pick-up truck One went to college. The other stayed home, comfortable. Other people came and went; they both changed they both learned. A visit back home, a holiday parade, and a simple,... Continue Reading →

Those Eyes

This moment, right now, makes all the difference some how. My eyes open and close at night those moments of darkness, they seem to hold so much more. In my dreams I reach for your voice. Recreating those intonations, those wordless gasps of air. The moments we felt each otherโ€™s nonsense. Years have passed. I... Continue Reading →

Why? ๐Ÿ™‡

"Painter, Why do you paint?" "God, Why did you create us with the choice of 'love or hate'?" "Little brother, Why do you want to grow up, so fast?" "Ex, Why did you teach me so much, about so much?" "Money, Why do you always 'have' to be at or in hand? And why do... Continue Reading →

While Starring

The well runs dry and the clock still ticks. All that matters is who is watching "it". The clock, the sun rising and falling, the dry leaf, and even the wrinkled cheek. Are these on our wrist, bleeding through our windows' shades, or crackling beneath our feet as our reflection meets the glass? "Wake-Up" screams... Continue Reading →

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