Anywhere, but Here

Carry me away today, far away, to a place where i can find myself again. A place in which the world is quiet and the ones I love are close. A place that carries and offers no worries, doesn't question my worth, and limits do not exist. The aches and pains of stress settle, the... Continue Reading →


To write is to love. Insanity is contagious. Life is a damaged piece of art & I'm just trying to name it.

Remember When?

After an ice cream shop laughter and talks. Heartbeats rhythmically passing fingertip to fingertip wrapped gently against Her collar bone. " Kiss me, now." " I don't know how." Butterflies and goosebumps methodically rushing vein to vein electrically connected between unwritten space. "It happened so fast." "Let's try again." "And never stop?" Under the porch... Continue Reading →

Something So Hard to Figure out, but….

It's Simple, I'm Crazy Save me from the chaos of this crazy, beautiful oh so unforgivable life. Keep me by your side. Calm the erratic heartbeats of stress, my hyperventilating lungs, and adrenaline pumping through my veins. All colors run black, different shades of gray. Someday they'll all turn white when oxygen incorporates, seeps through... Continue Reading →

Red Flames Turn to Blue

When Anger Fuels You.... Can you feel that ball of rage that inner fire, that threatens to reach the sky? The scream nerves itching muscles pounding lungs expand with light puffs of dense, stale air. Silence raging. How can anger be so debilitating? Words like needles; cut into me. Sparkle like the stars. Color my... Continue Reading →

Color to Light, Light to Color

Mother Earth's Painting 💛💭 She colors the clouds with ambition seeks the beauty in the distance knows her surroundings like the back of her hands; every rise and fall bone, marrow, and blood; all different purposes. Rays from above warm the flesh; yellow to pink, to orange and red. Color drains from the light like... Continue Reading →


Eyelids transport me to the stars Land on the moon, wherever you are. I'll watch the constellations come and go; no gravity, just weighted dreams exhausted by me.

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