Moments 📷

He said hi to her while passing by on a bike. She walked to her car, breathless and tired. He stayed up all night to talk to her. She claims she "never" knew just what to say. He smiled and laughed at her jokes, that weren't funny. Her quirky personality "never" once noticed she "never"... Continue Reading →

The Contradictions 💭

So Many Exist.... 1. Peace 1. Opposition 2. Expression 2. Silence 3. Individuality 3. Community 4. Equality 4. Success 5. Informative 5. Unbiased 6. Intelligence 6. Experience 7. Hatred 7. Love 8. Money Earned 8. Scandal 9. Degree 9. Employment 10. Education 10. Debt

When the World Stands Still Remember

Those Timeless Moments 💟 Kiss me goodbye as I watch the beauty of your green watery eyes... Emotions tangible to the touch fingers meet tears I wipe them off your cheek glimmering... One more embrace a squeeze of arms mine around your neck yours around my waist. My head rests upon your shoulder breathing goose... Continue Reading →

You’re Your Own Con-Artist 👥

Patience is a virtue life likes to bend, prod, toss and stretch. Communication becomes a combination of letters on a screen. An emotion becomes virtually untrue; but you of all people don't know that I'm lying to you. I'm patiently waiting to be emotionally attached to your words. Which one do I believe first?

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