How much of me should I share? 

I'm silenced by my own suspicions. The idea that I'm the only one,   the only person to have experienced... The turmoil of a broken home. The bravery of telling their story. The bruises revealed underneath make-up. The risk of unfolding a lie. The uncertainty behind each word. The fear of being told, "That's not... Continue Reading →

What about the roots? 

We admire the fruit. We forget the seeds. What if we planted one?  We have instead of took. A gardener, the mother of many, and yet forgotten, just like the seed.  .. A family tree brings so much more than just life. A family tree brings hope for stronger roots, ritualistic seasons, the waxing and... Continue Reading →

Only Yours

Your humor brightens my day Your hugs warm my heart Your advice fills my world with vision Your words color my world Your years, a beautiful age is far younger than the world believes, because being young is a frame of mind. Your rhymes and sing-songs remind me that I am a child first, because... Continue Reading →

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